Keco K-Bar Leverage Bar with Adapters


The KECO K-Bar provides technicians with the leverage necessary to pull large dents and collision damage from panels, doors, seams, and body lines. Combine the K-Bar with high strength PDR glue to pull the deepest dents from virtually all metals used in vehicle composition.


Product Description

  • Threaded Lifter with Knob and Hex Nut – hand turn for precise tension or use a power drill on the hex nut for fast lifting and adjustments
  • Locking Sliding Saddle – angles up to 60º and slides 15.5″ allowing pulls on hard to reach places like rocker panels
  • Pivoting Rubber Foot Pad – pivots over 210º enabling a wide range of leverage without damaging the paint
  • Comfort Grip Handle – creates a more comfortable experience and reduces cramps
  • Includes 5 Adapters – supports all standard size PDR hail and crease tabs, KECO Super Tabs, Centipedes, and Black Plague Crease tabs


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